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What is igrpweb?
Why igrpweb?
What are the advantages of igrpweb?
What is included in the igrpweb paltform?

How it Works

What are the main funcionalities of igrpweb?

Studio: Allows you to build applications, and access to the SysAdmin administrator in order to give access to developers and attendants.

Help/Documentation: A tutorial application with videos and step by step comes by default and there is a javadoc and link to a FAQ in studio / UI designer.

OAuth 2.0: Allows Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication between applications.

Application management: Any and all applications developed within igrpweb automatically inherits the core management modules, such as access control, menu, users, domain among others. Inter-application sharing is also inherited to manage page shares between applications.


What is igrpweb Studio?
Does the igrpweb platform allow for integration with other applications?


How can I start implementing my igrpweb environment?


How do I contact NOSi for more information?

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