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What is igrpweb?

A tool for creating e-governmenr applications, based on business processes and steps, automatic code generation and incorporation of Once-Only-Principle (OOP).

A single public service portal in any governance domain, aligned with the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) principle.

A unique and robust technology platform that enables simple and secure, integrated and sustainable applications to be created and run electronically.

Who can use or purchase igrpweb?
Why igrpweb?
What are the advantages of igrpweb?
What is included in the igrpweb subcription?
What is included in the igrpweb paltform?

How it Works

What are the main funcionalities of igrpweb?

Studio: Allows you to build applications, and access to the SysAdmin administrator in order to give access to developers and attendants.

Help/Documentation: A tutorial application with videos and step by step comes by default and there is a javadoc and link to a FAQ in studio / UI designer.

OAuth 2.0: Allows Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication between applications.

Application management: Any and all applications developed within igrpweb automatically inherits the core management modules, such as access control, menu, users, domain among others. Inter-application sharing is also inherited to manage page shares between applications.

Database Migration: Functionality of migrating data from one database to another.

What is igrpweb Studio?
Does the igrpweb platform allow for integration with other applications?
How is igrpweb provisioned?
What are the benefits of having igrpweb on the cloud?
What are the features of the VDC (Virtual Data Center) made available in order to run igrpweb?
What is the Client Dashboard?
Where is the database stored?


How can I start implementing my igrpweb environment?

The implementation can be initiated by submitting an online form available at or contacting the sales department at

After validation of the request, the client will be notified via email, where he will receive access data including username, password and access link. Upon accessing the platform for the first time the customer will be required to change the password.

What support is available to get igrpweb up and running?
What does Sysadmin mean?
How many users can the Sysadmin create?
Does igrpweb allow scalability? How is it charged?
If the capacity of the machine is exceeded, will the customer be notified?


How safe and private is my data on igrpweb?

igrpweb is based on a robust and flexible cloud architecture, using the latest security mechanisms.

The platform provides full control, from user and client authentication, through administrative permissions to data access.

Access to the application is done over secure connections using digital certificates and the platform ensures isolation between the application layer and the database layer. igrpweb offers the possibility of the client to use a database in another Data Center, using VPN connection and in the future though an igrpweb agent.


How much does igrpweb cost?

The customer can test the platform with a 30-day free trial before buying the service.

igrpweb is provided in a low-cost and pay-as-you-grow model, the customer pays USD $ 9,000 a year to use the platform with the 3 basic environments including a sysadmin user.

The client, through the sysadmin account, can add users as needed, and each user on the platform pays USD $ 5 / month.

igrpweb users are the developers or public service attendants.

How does the free-trial work?
What is the minimum amount of time for charging a user subscription?
If I already have IGRP on-premise, can I move to igrpweb?
How much do I have to pay for the new versions of igrpweb?
Is support included in the subscription?


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